Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dollars and Sense.

“A bag of lentils costs about a dollar, and you can make several meals out of one bag,” said Matthew Herald, a senior at Kent State University.

Students often complain about making the switch to a vegetarian diet because of the high costs, they say. While many vegan foods, like fake meats, can be high in price, the abundance of other vegan/vegetarian-friendly foods hardly makes them necessities.

I scan the aisles of the local grocery stores weekly and rarely spend over $30. A quick glance through Broulim’s weekly circular shows how cheap it can be to vegan and health. Canned fruit and vegetables are very cheap and they are always having one sale or another on their produce.

In addition, several fast food places offer a vegetarian option. A few years ago, I printed off lists of vegetarian and vegan items offered at local/fast food restaurants, convenience stores and grocery stores. I’ve never had more use for any one thing! (The list can be found on

According to an article by Kent State’s online media Web site, “The gordita and chalupa shells contain milk products making them vegetarian, while the hard corn tortillas and refried beans are vegan foods.”
While one must take more caution, eating vegan or vegetarian can be simple with enough knowledge.

"You just have to be a more conscientious shopper and think more about what you're purchasing,” Herald said.

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